"Because they were able to maintain HOPE for the brighter day" (SOLD)

So, about daily inspiration: 
Whenever it's hard to deal with everyday challenge, whatever that be: finding a new or just going to a proper job, creating or maintaining a family, creating arts or just meeting olds friends and not knowing what to speak about all evening - or dealing with something really hard, like loosing someone you've loved or failing 10 times in row - this is what is really about 💛

We can not give up so easily - whatever challenges we have
We must search light, because we don't wanna die in darkness

You can be my daily inspiration, helping me to stand up as human being, as the same I sometimes can give you a hand through my art, - To see beauty & the colours of the life !

Let's support each other more often 💜
I believe in your bright side 💛
Julija Tumelyte
"Because they were able to maintain HOPE for the brighter day", 2018
Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90 cm