2024 | Painting "Takasaki Winter", 2021 is published in Japan Television "FUJI TELEVISION",

2023 I Paintings Solo Exhibition in Vilnius, A.Mickevicius public library: released visual material , posters.

2021 | PUBLISHED BORDERS ART FAIR 2020 CATALOQUE, Contemporary Art Platform "ITSLIQUID", Venice, Italy.

2020 | PUBLISHED INTERVIEW, “ITSLIQUID” Contemporary Art Platform, Venice International Art Fair 2020 / INTERVIEW: Julija Tumelyte by Luca Curci, published on September 27.

2020 | DIGITAL CATALOGUE, Gallery “M.A.D.S. MILANO” / Italy, International Art Exhibition “Portrait Award MMXX”, Pages 58-59.

2018 | THE ALBUM COVER RELEASE, Cover of the Music Album “Mixed Blessing” by Juozas Martin, MONOKEY. Vilnius: MONOKEY, 2018, Edition 500 units. The Cover: original painting “United” of Julija Tumelyte, 2017. Technique: acrylic on canvas, dimensions: 80 x 80 cm.

2014 | PUBLISHED BOOK: “Literatu Street: The Cultural Guide”. Milda Ivanauskiene, Modern Art Center (MMC), Vilnius. Pages: 12-13,178-179, 182-183.

2013 | PRESS ARTICLE: Newspaper "Lietuvos rytas", "Capital Addition", Article: “The artist hides the gloomy wall under the picture”, 05/07/2013

2012 | PRESS ARTICLE: Newspaper "Lietuvos rytas", "Capital Addition", Article: “The painter is missing colours among the apartment blocks”, 01/09/2012

2011 | PUBLISHED CATALOGUE: “Vilnius Academy of Arts MA Graduates 2011 and Catalogue of Exhibition Art Cells 2011”. Rima Blazyte, Laima Spelskiene, Vilnius Art Academy Publishers, Vilnius. Pages: 54-55.

2010 | PUBLISHED CATALOGUE: “The XIII Vilnius Auction: May 29, 2010 catalogue ”, Art Market Agency, Vilnius: Akritas Printing House. Page 65.