Mediterranean DREAM

If I would be the tree - I would be The Lemon Tree,-
with it's wonderful yellow palm size fruits, so juicy & needed, rare & spectacular. 
The Lemon Tree is one of the most beautiful nature's masterpieces I have seen in my Life! Bright, yellow, light.

I want to blossom with the meaningful yellow ART fruits, that can bring others JOY, BEAUTY, FULFILLED moment of human's life - where you only have a glimpse comparing to universe to enjoy and to live 100 %!

I am choosing to be colourful in my paintings, -
I am choosing to see the brighter side of everyday life,
I am willing to share that with other people & seek the BEST. 

"Mediterranean DREAM" is worth to seek & reach!
It means the BEST VERSION of what you want to achieve with your life.


Julija Tumelyte
"Mediterranean DREAM", 19
Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm